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Dealer Of The Month – September

STORE NAME – Golf USA. LOCATION – Lubbock, Texas. YEARS IN BUSINESS – 20 years. SUCCESSFUL FUJIKURA SHAFTS / LINES FOR FITTING CUSTOMERS AND WHY – Have demos in the Vista PRO, PRO, PRO XLR8, Speeder PRO XLR8, SIX XLR8. We have been killing with the XLR8 line, everyone is picking up club head speed, the counter weighting is allowing for more control to the player. The SIX XLR8 in particular has been really impressive. I have never seen a sub 60 gram shaft perform like this one does, and our customers are really positive to it. YOUR [...]

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Fitter of the Month – August

NAME – Guice Potter. HOMETOWN – Anniston, AL. FITTING EXPERIENCE – 30 years. FAVORITE COURSE -  Anniston Country Club. FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM – Auburn Tigers. WHAT LED YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY – The enjoyment of great customers. HOW DO YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR FITTINGS -  Having many different options for the customer. FAMOUS FITS – Jeff Flagg (World Long Drive Champ). FUJIKURA SHAFT THAT FITS YOUR SWING -  Speeder 757.

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Dealer Of The Month – August

STORE NAME – Inverness Golf and Repair. LOCATION – Birmingham, AL. YEARS IN BUSINESS – 26 years. SUCCESSFUL FUJIKURA SHAFTS / LINES FOR FITTING CUSTOMERS AND WHY – The Speeder series of shafts have been very successful because there is one for every golfer. YOUR SECRET TO SUCCESS – Taking care of each customer that walks in the door. PREDICTIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF THE GAME – I believe with the growth of junior golf, it will continue to grow the game. TIPS FOR SELLING FUJIKURA – Having the shafts available to swing in any clubhead/ shaft combination. [...]

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Ask Chad: Getting a Little More Carry

Question: My magnum 44 stiff shaft allows me to hit the ball with a slight draw but I feel maybe not enough carry. The direction is good but I wonder if you have a stiff shaft ( or regular) that would be a better fit. If I go to regular shaft do I get to whippy or do you have a shaft you feel would keep me on line but allow a bit more distance.I'm a 10 and 67 years old. I hit driver 220 but looking for a shaft that might help. Jim Answer: Thanks for the [...]

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iGolfReviews’ Latest Review Contrasts the Fujikura Speeder, PRO, and Speeder PRO

iGolfReviews takes a look at three of our shafts-the Speeder Evolution, PRO, and Speeder PRO. The three shafts are judged by three main criteria-looks, feel, and performance-complete with launch monitor data and commentary. Read the full article here to get the low down, but a few notables from iGolfReviews: Quick Hits Premium shaft choices at affordable prices Played by the best in the world for a reason A shaft to fit every player Not just any shaft will do when it comes to performing your best, but worry not Fujikura has one that will fit your game. They [...]

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Ask Chad [VIDEO] Why is Getting Custom Fit For Golf Shafts so Important?

Want to know the big secret to gaining 13 yards? It is all about being custom fit.  Take 2 minutes to watch the video below for more information. How do you start the custom fit process? It's easy. Just visit one of our exclusive authorized Fujikura Charter Dealers or start by using our Online Fitting Tool. Either way, you're bound to see results. 99% of golfers fit into Fujikura golf shafts instantly gain 13+ yards on average. It only takes an hour. What are you waiting for? Got a question about fit, Fujikura, your golf game or just golf [...]

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Ask Chad: Looking for an Exotic Shaft-Your Recommendation?

Question:  I was just wondering which shaft Fujikura offers that would best fit my swing. I have currently been seeking a place to try different exotic shafts by different vendors but I have not found any as of late. All places I have been have standard stock shafts.   I did hit the Taylormade sldr with the Fujikura Motore Speeder TP stiff 6.3 Really enjoyed this shaft when hitting on a launch monitor. The question I have for this shaft is when I looked on your site and Taylormade site both had different specs for the same shaft. [...]

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Ask Chad: Help Me Choose a New Driver Shaft

Question:  Trying to decide between your shafts for my new driver. I am between Speeder 6.3 and Fuel 50. I hit the ball in the air 230 yards on average. I have a lower right to left ball flight. of course, I am looking for a little more distance and maybe a little more height on my drive. Thanks, Gary Answer:  Thank you for contacting us at Fujikura. We appreciate your consideration for your next shaft purchase. The Motore Speeder 6.3 Tour Spec is not a higher ball flight shaft. The Specs of that shaft are geared more [...]

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Fujikura Speeder Pro XLR8 Shaft Review by Plugged In Golf

"Speeder PRO XLR8 has been a blockbuster." "...this shaft helped me to hit some of the longest drives I’ve ever seen." Thanks to Plugged In Golf for the review of our 2016 Speeder Pro XLR8 shaft. Their review covers all the bases-looks, feel, data, and more. Here's a sneak peak: 50 Words or Less The Fujikura Speeder Pro XLR8 shaft has the premium feel of the Speeder Pro with even more speed. The most lively feel of any Fujikura shaft in memory. Introduction “Sold out” and “backordered” are phrases that golf gear heads are pretty familiar with. We [...]

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Press Release: FORE in a Row!!

Vista, Calif. – June 27, 2016 – Fujikura Golf, recognized for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts, proudly announces the company has been associated with another PGA Tour win. Fujikura is back at it again with another win on the PGA Tour. Not only did the champion use Speeder Evolution and Motore Speeder 8.8 HB but there were 6 Fujikura shafts in the Top 10. The winner circle is becoming the norm and more players are trusting Fujikura on a week in week out basis. With the victory this week at the Quicken Loans National, [...]

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