Dealer and Fitter of the Month – August

Congratulations to Bill Kepler and Darron DeGeorgis of Kepler’s Golf and our Fujikura Featured  Authorized Charter Dealer & Fitter of the Month



Name and Title – Bill Kepler, OwnerUnknown-2

Store Name – Keppler’s Golf

Location –Walnut Creek, CA.

Favorite Course – Cypress Point

Favorite Sports Team – S.F. 49ers

Fujikura Shaft that Fits your Swing – PRO63 s flex

What led you to where you are today – Keeping up with the current trends. We started by re-finishing and making persimmon woods and today we are working with high-end graphite and launch monitors.

What is your secret to success – Doing good work and being consistent with our service. Customer Service is a very high priority on our list.

What do you predict for the future of the game – I think young Pro golfers are making golf interesting again and that we will start to see golf start to rise again.

Tips for selling Fujikura – Just getting the shaft in the customer’s hands because Fujikura has something for everyone!


Name and Title – Darron DeGeorgis, Manager at Kepler’s Golf

Hometown – Benicia, CA.

Playing Experience – 24 years

Years of Experience Fitting – 20

Fit Philosophy – To help people maximize their golf game and their strengths. Playing better golf means having more fun on the golf course.

How to Maximize Your Fitting – Making sure the customer gets a chance to hit the best available shaft and head combination.

Biggest Fitting Development this Year – Better fitting software (inflight tech.) and universal tips for demo shafts

Famous Fits – Joe Montana, Sean Estes, Andre Igudala, Joe Morgan




“The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 and 757 Tour Spec will be among the most sought-after shafts for stronger players in 2015. Consistent feel and higher ball speeds make this a solid upgrade from last year’s Speeder 757.”

“If the average golfer doesn’t take advantage of this, they are nuts!”

John and Dave Sanders - Father/Son Driver Fitting at Fujikura Fit-On Studio

"I have the most confidence I’ve ever had stepping up to the tee with a driver"

Steve Vermillion, fitted at Golf Etc.