ENSO Fitting


Unlike any other fitting tool in existence, Enso is the first club fitting system that measures information both before and after the ball is hit. With 3-D motion capture, the club and shaft are measured dynamically and recorded throughout an entire swing. Those variables integrate with data from the most advanced ball flight monitors to precision fit the best performing shaft for that swing. Proprietary fitting software then makes a final analysis, using all the information to precision fit you with the best performing shaft.

Make an appointment to visit the Fit-On studio to experience Enso for yourself.  Call: 1.800.728.6420 | Email: FitOnStudio@Fujikuragolf.com

Benefits and Features

  • 3D motion capture at 240 fps
  • 3rd party integration to ball flight monitors (currently Trackman and GC2)
  • Shaft performance metrics such as kick speed and contribution to club loft, lie, and face alignment due to bending and twisting
  • Head loft and face alignment at impact and center face locations considering bulge and roll
  • Head velocity and acceleration at impact and center face locations
  • 3D computer generated overlay of club and swing trace over
  • 2D video Fitting recommendation engine Works with all brands and manufacturers shafts and heads