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Written by Hartgraves on August 15, 2014

Published on the Golfweek Golf Business News site August 11, 2014


It was a thrilling experience to watch the leaderboard span across generations this past weekend, and a reminder that every shot counts as the winner displayed. A signature moment and arguably the best shot of the tournament was revealed when the trusty Fujikura Rombax P95 was pulled out of the bag. 284 yards from the pin, and three strokes behind, he took a mighty lash with his 3- wood and watched as his ball chased onto the green and nestled to within seven feet of the pin.

The 96th PGA Championship at Valhalla was an instant classic .

The Fujikura Rombax P95 is a classic, as it has been played by the world’s best golfers, in many Major Championships, for many years. And for good reason. A very small percentage of golfers can play a shaft so heavy and stiff with any accuracy and dependability. Fujikura developed ROMBAX technology, which helps the shaft to better retain and recover its original, circular shape. That helps to make the shaft dynamics more consistent and more stable, which promotes improved consistency and accuracy from shot to shot. uses two types of graphite weave, TRIAX (used in Fujikura’s legendary Speeder 757 shaft which was just re-engineered and released this year) and a second weave to reinforce TRIAX. These weaves, which are used to make graphite sheets, are characterized by an intricate, strength enhancing pattern. The TRIAX sheet extends from the grip to the tip, while the second sheet covers the middleof the shaft, covering approximately 25% of the length. Together these graphite sheets unite to reinforce the shaft’s cross-sectional integrity, allowing it to better maintain and recover its circular shape during the swing.

If a golfer is looking for a shaft similar to the winning Rombax P95, there are a couple of options. Fujikura’s two newest shafts to debut on Tour this year include the Speeder 757 and the Pro. The Speeder 757 features the same Triax technology if a golfer is looking for those attributes while the new Pro series shafts are an evolution of the Fujikura Pro 95, which had a very similar structure and profile to the Rombax P95. Fujikura is continuously revolutionizing the way shafts are made and the unique benefits and features that can give any golfer a competitive advantage. However, because Fujikura golf shafts are so specialty, golfers are encouraged to be custom fit at one of the certified Charter Dealers found on Fujikura’s website in order to guarantee optimal performance out of any driver, fairway, hybrid or iron shaft.


“The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 and 757 Tour Spec will be among the most sought-after shafts for stronger players in 2015. Consistent feel and higher ball speeds make this a solid upgrade from last year’s Speeder 757.”

“If the average golfer doesn’t take advantage of this, they are nuts!”

John and Dave Sanders - Father/Son Driver Fitting at Fujikura Fit-On Studio

"I have the most confidence I’ve ever had stepping up to the tee with a driver"

Steve Vermillion, fitted at Golf Etc.