The New Motore Speeder Shaft Review

Written on April 9, 2014

I’ve had the pleasure of playing golf since I was little. It has turned into my passion and what I live for. Now, I am playing golf at a Division I college, and I wouldn’t think of playing anything but Fujikura in my woods. When I was younger, my “grail” was an r7 driver with a Fujikura Speeder 757 S shaft. It was that shaft that made me really appreciate all of the technical aspects of golf because it was custom fit for me. I knew I was not leaving anything on the table when it came to distance and accuracy. Now, Fujikura is on the verge of bringing back the Speeder shafts with an updated look and tons of technology included. I am currently playing that new Motore Speeder 661 TX shaft in my SLDR driver. Nothing can touch it. Everyone on my team always wants to hit my driver. The term “butter” often comes up in our conversations regarding my driver. I don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon… unless of course Fujikura has another breakthrough—which is an everyday occurrence there in Vista, CA.

Cole Young
Carlsbad, CA