enso®. Exclusive to Fujikura, enso® technology represents our recognition of the importance in accommodating the individual golfer’s unique swing as well as our commitment to advancing golf performance technologies at the highest level. At Fujikura our goal is to improve your enjoyment of the game, creating equipment that inspires confidence, so you can approach your game with new clarity.

Specifically the advanced proprietary enso technology developed by Fujikura measures actionable, pre-impact club data and facilitates the design of the most accurate and powerful golf shafts.

Using 3D Motion Capture, Fujikura’s proprietary enso® system measures thousands of shafts and swings. This data is used to develop the precise technologies found in the construction of better performing, higher quality shafts.

Enso® measures:

  • Club performance during a swing pre and post impact
  • Shaft deflection and twist during swing
  • Club head placement upon impact of the ball
  • Club head performance based on shaft movement

enso® Optimized

After years of being the global leader in the composite/graphite shaft market and working with the best players in the world, we are raising the bar and changing the game once again. Our proprietary enso® technology has allowed us to design golf shafts that are engineered and verified to optimize the overall club performance and provide superior performance benefits to the golfer. Our most recent enso® verified product designs will debut in the fall of 2015 and be available at Fujikura Charter Dealer locations around the world in 2016.