Chad, hi.
Hey, I just spontaneously bought an M1 3wood with a  PRO XLR8 shaft. it is amazing. I have the M1 driver which prompted this 3 wood purchase, but the shaft you guys have created holds up to my move really well. This was not the case with other times I have tried Fujikura.

Long story short, I have an aldila greeneyes tourx in my driver. Trajectory is not overly high like you would think, but I game it because the torque is like 2.2 and you can really feel it. very stable. Even off the toe. I tried the roque black at 2.5 and you would think no difference, but man, is the dispersion way worse.

I have a late aggressive down load on my driver swing. 3 wood a little smoother, so I got your tour stiff in the PRO XLR8. I like it.

For a driver what is the tourx vs tour stiff going to bring to the table (45.5 inch) ? Torque numbers are the same on your site.

I get a little left at the end with 3 wood so far, but not bad. But I am swing it smoother I think. With the driver I have my concerns about that…

Lastly, what is the difference between the speeder XLR8 and the pro XLR8 that I have? should I be going speeder for the driver?




Thanks for the email and for giving our products another shot. The Tour X as opposed to the Tour S is just what you would assume. The X is about 10 cpm¹s stiffer and is a flex stiffer in the tip butt and mid-section. At the end of the day more stability and it might help eliminate the right to left ball flight by firming the whole thing up a smidge.

The Speeder Pro XLR8 adds the multi directional material to the mid-section adding even more stability, and it also adds a straight taper butt section which encourages easier rotation through impact, and lastly it has less swing weight so you can use it on the increasing heavier heads of today without absurd swing weights.


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