Hi Chad! I’m a BIG Fuji fan and been playing the game for 32 years, aged 55. I was custom fitted (Cobra S3 driver) with the Motore F3 55 regular flex (love it!!) but I’ve never been comfortable with 460cc head size. I’ve since bought a Callaway X-Hot Pro (440cc) and would like to know your thoughts on this Callaway/Fuji “combination” first? The X-Hot has the stock Project X Velocity regular shaft which I find very sluggish due to weighting at D4. I look forward to your response. Thanks mate!



We are honored to have a golfer tell us they are a big fan so for that thank you very much.

Callaway offers the Speeder 565 Evolution II TS as a choice with their drivers and fairway woods. I am a big fan of that combination, in particular for someone that likes the feel of the Motore F3 55. I would give that combination some serious thought if you are so inclined.

Thanks again and we truly appreciate you using our shafts. Best of luck with your game and with the new driver set up.


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