My magnum 44 stiff shaft allows me to hit the ball with a slight draw but I feel maybe not enough carry. The direction is good but I wonder if you have a stiff shaft ( or regular) that would be a better fit. If I go to regular shaft do I get to whippy or do you have a shaft you feel would keep me on line but allow a bit more distance.I’m a 10 and 67 years old. I hit driver 220 but looking for a shaft that might help.


Thanks for the email. It is hard to tell you without putting you through a fitting to know what shaft would be best for you. I can tell you that going lighter and softer usually increase distance but you risk losing control a touch. Especially if the shaft is too soft for your swing speed and type.

I would recommend getting custom fit at a local Charter Dealer for Fujikura to find the perfect fit for you and your game.


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