Trying to decide between your shafts for my new driver. I am between Speeder 6.3 and Fuel 50. I hit the ball in the air 230 yards on average. I have a lower right to left ball flight. of course, I am looking for a little more distance and maybe a little more height on my drive.



Thank you for contacting us at Fujikura. We appreciate your consideration for your next shaft purchase.

The Motore Speeder 6.3 Tour Spec is not a higher ball flight shaft. The Specs of that shaft are geared more towards a mid to mid-low ball flight. The same can be said for the Fuel 50 which has a higher ball flight than the 6.3 Tour Spec but is still in the category of a lower ball flight 50 gram shaft. If I had to pick between those two shafts I would definitely go with the Fuel 50.

You might consider the new Pro 53. This shaft is designed for a higher ball flight than the previously mentioned shafts and is still very stable which helps keep it in the short grass.

Best of luck with your game and more importantly your equipment.



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