Many of the questions that Chad has been receiving are concerning the effects of tipping and tip to graphic measurements for specific shafts.  When done properly, tipping can be a very effective tool to help a player dial in the perfect stiffness and feel for their swing type.  However, getting a shaft that has been tipped too much or with an unknown tipping measurement can completely alter the way a shaft will play and feel.  Chad explains in this short video….

The reality is that tip to graphic measurement is a very difficult reference for properly tipping shafts.  Every year, the cosmetics and graphics of shafts are always changing and being updated.  Chad’s advice with buying used products is to always make sure you know the length and tip measurement of the shaft, otherwise it may be unplayable.  The best option for getting a properly tipped shaft is to get a custom fitting.  To see the game changing results for yourself, check out our dealer locator and find a local dealer near you to schedule a custom fitting.

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