Experience ATMOS Tour Spec

ATMOS Tour Spec is the culmination of key learnings from more than two decades of tour-driven products. The development of ATMOS Tour Spec was an extensive process by which critical player feedback and fitting needs were at the forefront. Recognizing that Tour professionals need to keep the ball flighted down with low spin and that these players have a variety of different swing types and clubhead combinations, it was essential that engineering a variety of options was crucial to optimize performance.

Continuing with the iconic “tour spec white” base color, the ATMOS Tour Spec comes in four different color coded launch options; red being the higher of the four, blue as the mid launch, the new Patriot Edition between blue and black, and black as the lowest. Similarities across the four shafts include keeping the handle flexes the same for feel, but adjusting the mid and tip sections for launch and spin will achieve desired results.

Individually Numbered “Special Edition”

ATMOS Tour Spec Season Opener Edition is based on the Black launch color, which is the lowest launching and spinning of the four ATMOS Tour Spec options, comes in 60 gram S and X flex. A total of 150 of these limited-edition laser-etched shafts were produced. All shafts come at 46” uncut and are designed for drivers and fairway woods.

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ATMOS Tour Spec Technologies

  • HIT
  • CAGE
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 40 TON Carbon Fiber
  • Phantium Finish

ATMOS Tour Spec Season Opener Edition – Technical Specs

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
6 BLACKS466587803.42.5.605M/HLL