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Ask Chad : Dealer Feedback

Chad wants to hear from you! The Fujikura dealer locator tool helps connect our users with our nation wide charter dealer network so you find a dealer near you. With so many dealers across the country we want to ensure that every visit is a great experience.  Provide us with feedback by simply contacting us or visiting #AskChad Central.  Our goal at Fujikura is to help you become a better golfer.   Getting a custom fitting is a great place to start.  Here’s Chad with more….

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Ask Chad : What Upgrade is Right for Me?

Chad has been receiving tons of questions from users wanting to know what shaft they should upgrade to.  With so many different shaft weights, flexes, and models from the Fujikura lineup, the exact answer is a complicated one.  Chad took the time to answer in a short video, check it out here…

The simple truth is that no two shaft models are exactly the same.  Throughout history, Fujikura has developed some of the most legendary golf shafts in the industry.  With new technologies and unique EI profiles, every shaft distinguishes itself from one another.  Chad’s simple answer, get a custom fitting.  The […]

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Ask Chad : Tipping and Tip to Graphic Measurement

Many of the questions that Chad has been receiving are concerning the effects of tipping and tip to graphic measurements for specific shafts.  When done properly, tipping can be a very effective tool to help a player dial in the perfect stiffness and feel for their swing type.  However, getting a shaft that has been tipped too much or with an unknown tipping measurement can completely alter the way a shaft will play and feel.  Chad explains in this short video….

The reality is that tip to graphic measurement is a very difficult reference for properly tipping shafts.  Every year, […]

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Ask Chad: What Speeder Evolution is right for me?

The Speeder line of products has always used the most cutting-edge, high performance technologies and designed for the performance golfer seeking feel and stability. Use of proprietary design concepts and advanced materials, speeder shafts have always been one step ahead of the competition.

The Speeder Evolution collection is developed with the most advanced technologies in the graphite shaft industry. From MCT (Metal Composite Technology), to 90 ton High Modulus Carbon and high strength T1100G material, to the most advanced multi-directional stability-enhancing material, as well as decades of tour-proven design techniques from Fujikura Japan.

With the introduction of the III, the […]

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Ask Chad: Getting a Little More Carry

My magnum 44 stiff shaft allows me to hit the ball with a slight draw but I feel maybe not enough carry. The direction is good but I wonder if you have a stiff shaft ( or regular) that would be a better fit. If I go to regular shaft do I get to whippy or do you have a shaft you feel would keep me on line but allow a bit more distance.I’m a 10 and 67 years old. I hit driver 220 but looking for a shaft that might help.


Thanks for the email. It is hard […]

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Ask Chad [VIDEO] Why is Getting Custom Fit For Golf Shafts so Important?

Want to know the big secret to gaining 13 yards? It is all about being custom fit.  Take 2 minutes to watch the video below for more information.

How do you start the custom fit process? It’s easy. Just visit one of our exclusive authorized Fujikura Charter Dealers or start by using our Online Fitting Tool. Either way, you’re bound to see results. 99% of golfers fit into Fujikura golf shafts instantly gain 13+ yards on average. It only takes an hour. What are you waiting for?

Got a question about fit, Fujikura, your golf […]

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Ask Chad: Looking for an Exotic Shaft-Your Recommendation?


I was just wondering which shaft Fujikura offers that would best fit my swing. I have currently been seeking a place to try different exotic shafts by different vendors but I have not found any as of late. All places I have been have standard stock shafts.
I did hit the Taylormade sldr with the Fujikura Motore Speeder TP stiff 6.3 Really enjoyed this shaft when hitting on a launch monitor. The question I have for this shaft is when I looked on your site and Taylormade site both had different specs for the same shaft. Just wondering […]

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Ask Chad: Help Me Choose a New Driver Shaft


Trying to decide between your shafts for my new driver. I am between Speeder 6.3 and Fuel 50. I hit the ball in the air 230 yards on average. I have a lower right to left ball flight. of course, I am looking for a little more distance and maybe a little more height on my drive.



Thank you for contacting us at Fujikura. We appreciate your consideration for your next shaft purchase.

The Motore Speeder 6.3 Tour Spec is not a higher ball flight shaft. The Specs of that shaft are geared more towards a mid to mid-low ball […]

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Ask Chad [Video]: The Question of His Career

An anonymous questioner asks: “Who was the winner of this year’s Fujikura Dealer Cup?” And it looks like Chad can’t wait to answer.

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Ask Chad: A Two-for-One Q&A! Tour X versus Tour S and Speeder XLR8 versus PRO XLR8


Chad, hi.
Hey, I just spontaneously bought an M1 3wood with a  PRO XLR8 shaft. it is amazing. I have the M1 driver which prompted this 3 wood purchase, but the shaft you guys have created holds up to my move really well. This was not the case with other times I have tried Fujikura.

Long story short, I have an aldila greeneyes tourx in my driver. Trajectory is not overly high like you would think, but I game it because the torque is like 2.2 and you can really feel it. very stable. Even off the toe. I tried the […]

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