Charter Dealer Online Certification

2018 Fujikura Certified Dealer Welcome to the Fujikura Certification Center. We are committed to helping valued charter dealers like you succeed by providing valuable information about Fujikura through both in-person and online training seminars, which cover company history, industry leadership, in-house proprietary technologies, products and more. Led by our VP of Engineering, Tour & Product development team and Sales and Marketing teams, the training will transform you into a Fujikura expert and enhance your ability to fit and sell our premium products to your customers, effectively strengthening your business.

Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer Benefits

  1. Greater visibility with prioritized listing on the Dealer Locator
  2. Opportunity for a PGA member education credit
  3. In-store “Certified Dealer” marketing materials and signage
  4. Fujikura-branded merchandise gift packs with hats, T-shirts and more
  5. Priority for cooperative marketing initiatives throughout the year

Online Certification

If you’re unable to attend a seminar in person, we offer an online option. This method of the certification process is divided into two levels, which you must pass to receive a Fujikura Certified Charter Dealer/Fitter certificate to frame. Each level typically lasts between 20-25 minutes. You can pause and save your progress at any time.

  • Level I: Getting to Know Fujikura – Who We Are & What Makes Us a Leader in the Golf Industry
  • Level II: Fujikura Product & Technologies Overview

We’re updating our 2018 Online Course Curriculum. Check back soon for course access.