LOCATION – Melbourne, Florida

YEARS IN BUSINESS – Location has been in business for over 10 years and we have occupied it as MoonGolf for a year and a half now.

The Vista Pro line is one of our most successful shaft offerings. It fits a wide range of golfers at a great price and happens to look great as well. Pro XLR8 has been a big hit for us, it has all the bells and whistles. It provides a great look, fantastic feel and effortless energy transfer into the golf ball.

YOUR SECRET TO SUCCESS – Our secret to success is finding one or two numbers! , launch angle, spin rate or ball speed or any other number that might need to be improved and fitting the shaft that best improves that number.

CHALLENGES WITH FITTINGS – The largest challenge we face when fitting is the customers ability to repeat his or her golf swing.

WHAT DO YOU PREDICT FOR THE FUTURE OF THE GAME? – Our prediction for the future of the game in our world of fitting and selling golf equipment will be more total club fittings than ever before. Meaning, walking out with a pre-built golf club will slowly become the process of the past.

TIPS FOR SELLING FUJIKURA – The best tips we can offer to help sell Fujikura. Confidence, if you believe in the product your selling, it will sell its self. Understand that Fujikura has an option for every golfer in every price point, have stock!!

MOST SIGNIFICANT FITTING DEVELOPMENT THIS YEAR? – Club Conex  in our mind is the most significant fitting development of this year. They are continuously improving and advancing the fitting process.