Congratulations to Todd Swallow and Brett Wright from The Club Fix. They are the Fujikura Fitters of the Month for December 2015.

NAME – Todd Swallow & Brett Wright

HOMETOWN – Salt Lake City, UT


FITTING EXPERIENCE – Fitting Tour players and Amateur golfers for years. Both Brett and Todd have been involved with golf and have played competitive golf for decades.

FAVORITE COURSE – Victory Ranch Country Club and Wasatch Mountain Golf club


WHAT LED YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY – What led you to where you are today – Desire to help people play better golf and to educate golfers on the importance and impact of properly fit and built golf clubs

HOW DO YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR FITTINGS – By taking the time necessary to not only fit the golfer with the proper equipment, but to educate them as well so that they can understand their equipment as well. It’s not enough just to hand somebody the correct club. The education process is lacking and golfers games are struggling because of it. Taking the time with each client assures that the very best experience is given and the fitting is maximized

FAMOUS FITS – Many of the Dallas Cowboys football players

FUNNIEST GOLF STORY ON/OFF THE COURSE – Diving for golf balls in a lake on Thanksgiving Day in sub 40* weather. What were we thinking?!?

FUJIKURA SHAFT THAT FITS YOUR SWING – Brett – Fujikura Motore Tour Spec Speeder 6.3 X

Todd – Fujikura Evolution 60 Stiff