Shaft Performance Characteristics

Designed in part to offset the trend in larger club heads by reallocating core material toward the tip and handle, the integrated XLR8 technology of the 2016 SIX XLR8 accommodates a golfer looking for a highly responsive shaft with an increased club head speed. Like the traditional SIX, the 2016 SIX XLR8 model also features HIT, CAGE, and Maximum Carbon Fiber technologies.

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Recommended equivalent shaft in current line: Pro 2.0 5

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SIX XLR8 Advantages

  • XLR8 for more reactive mid-section and increased kick speed
  • Sub 60 gram shafts are able to achieve mid-launch with mid-spin profiles
  • Benefits a golfer with slow to average swing speed that is looking to more aggressively drive the ball down the fairway

2016 SIX XLR8 Technical Specs

modelflex length weighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspin launch
SIX XLR8r24657130945.52.5.605MMM/H
SIX XLR8r4657125865.42.5.605MMM
SIX XLR8s4660115815.22.5.615MM/LM
SIX XLR8x4668105745.02.5.620MM/LM/L