The Full Results of Five Fujikura Shaft Fittings in partnership with Club Champion & PluggedIn Golf

Vista, Calif. (August 8th, 2017) – Several weeks ago we shared the testing results of five Fujikura driver shaft fittings.  With the help of and Club Champion, 3 of the players were fit into the new ATMOS Tour Spec Shaft (with one golfer in each of the three flight options, one blue, one red, and one black).  The other two golfers were fit into the Fujikura PRO Tour Spec, and the PRO XLR8.  If you didn’t have the chance to see their fitting data, check out our previous article here.  Seeing enormous gains in the fitting studio is great, but could these players see the same improvements on the course?  Those five golfers have since had a chance to put their fitted drivers into play and now they share their experience.


Fitted at : Club Champion Atlanta 

Shaft : Fujikura PRO Tour Spec


Coming into his fitting, Stephen was looking for more accuracy and consistency out of his driver.  After testing several different shafts, he saw the greatest improvements in his carry, distance and dispersion with the PRO Tour Spec shaft.  Stephen’s gamer has a dispersion of 43.7 yards, while the Pro Tour Spec was only 8.5 yards.  When it came time to play his newly fitted driver, he saw a huge increase in fairways hit from 41.2% to 77% as a result of the massive reduction in dispersion.

I love the way the club feels with the heavier shaft. My confidence with the driver has definitely gotten a huge boost.

– Stephen

Chris C

Fitted at : Club Champion Santa Monica

Shaft : Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Black 6s


Similar to many other golfers that are newer to the game, Chris thought he wasn’t good enough to get fit.  Having now gone through a driver fitting and experiencing the enormous benefits of doing so, Chris has certainly changed his perspective.  The ATMOS Tour Spec Black paired with a new driver head resulted in a major increase of 46 yards off the tee.  Since the fitting, Chris has had the opportunity to get out on the course five times.  The results off the tee speak for themselves as Chris hit 69% of the fairways while also sending 18 of those drives over 280 yards.

My new driver has instilled a confidence off the tee and my overall golf game that I never had before.

– Chris



Fitted at : Club Champion Willowbrook, IL

Shaft : Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Red


Andrew tested through several options in the Fujikura lineup during his fitting before finding validated performance with the ATMOS Tour Spec Red 6s.  Andrew explained that, “ATMOS feels amazing, and removed the harsh stiff feeling I was accustomed to with my previous shaft.”  Dropping his dispersion from 73 down to 19 on the flight monitors, Andrew was ready to hit his next drive.  Before putting ATMOS in his driver Andrew struggled with finding the fairway.  With the reduced dispersion, Andrew has had several rounds hitting over 50% of the fairways, and has 100% confidence in his new driver.


Fitted at : Club Champion Santa Monica

Shaft : U.S Open Limited Edition ATMOS Tour Spec


After seeing great results during his fitting with the ATMOS blue, which offers players a mid launch profile, Manny was excited to play with his new driver.  Manny was beyond impressed as, “Everything that I had seen an increase in during my fitting, literally transitioned right over to the course.”  On the opening hole that measures 420 yards, Manny found himself with only an 85 yard approach off the fairway.  Throughout the round, he hit 11 of 14 fairways.  

“Needless to say, this round will forever be a priceless memory to me as it’s a product of what being properly fit can do for you.”

– Manny

How can I benefit from getting custom fit?

As mentioned by all of the players above, anyone can experience tremendous results when being properly fit.  Every golf swing is different and that’s why there are so many things club fitters can do to help find more fairways for your particular swing.  Fujikura has a comprehensive lineup of shafts in every flex and weight, there is something for every golf swing out there.  You too can experience the amazing results of receiving a custom club fitting.  Check out our dealer locator here to find a certified Fujikura dealer near you.


About Club Champion :

Club Champion is the #1 premium golf club fitter nationwide. Voted a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter for 2017, Club Champion will ensure a great club fitting experience.  Their master club fitters will create the perfect custom fit club to your exact swing specifications.  According to Golf Digest, 8 out of 9 Club Champion customers who upgraded to custom-fit clubs lowered their scores by as much as 6 strokes per round.

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For a list of all Fujikura Charter Dealers, check out our dealer locator here to find a location near you to get a custom fitting.