Once you find the length of shaft that is ideally suited to your golf game you will want to know exactly how long each shaft is through your bag. This is helpful information to have should you need to replace a broken shaft or purchase a new set of custom-built sticks.

Here is how you go about measuring the length of a golf shaft:

Step 1: You will need to have a sturdy 48-inch aluminum straight edge. A yardstick is too short and a tape measure will be too flimsy to give an accurate measurement even if you try to press it against the shaft. If you do not have a 48-inch ruler they are readily available at any home supply store for under $10.

Step 2: You do not want to measure golf shafts on your workbench. Instead you want to stand up and place the club in its proper position at address with the sole perfectly flat and touching the ground from heel to toe. Even if you address the ball with the toe or heel slightly elevated when you play use the level sole for measuring shafts.

Step 3: Place the straight edge so the corner touches the ground and the ruler squares up against the hosel while the club remains in address position.

Step 4: Press the straight edge as close to the shaft as possible, allowing for the fact that the grip will not allow you to make it perfectly flush. Read the measurement to the bottom of the grip cap. This is the length of a golf club shaft.

You can check your entire bag for consistency. Standard graphite drivers are 45 inches in length, a 3-wood two inches shorter and other woods 42 inches. One-irons are 40.25 inches and the irons step down a half-inch from there until the 9-iron at 36.25 inches. All wedges are the same length as the 9-iron. Steel shafts are typically an inch shorter through the bag than graphite shafts and ladies’ clubs are all one inch shorter than standard mens’ clubs.

Putters are a special case depending on construction. Center-shafted putters are measured along the shaft to where it enters the club head rather than to the bottom of the hosel. A standard length for a putter shaft is 34 inches.

Now that you know the length for a golf shaft you will want to fit it up to your golf swing to determine the proper flex and bend profile for your game. To get started in finding the right shaft for you, we invite you to visit a Charter Dealer near you or click here to use our online fitting tool.