So what is the best length for a golf shaft? Like so many questions in golf, the answer is a maddening “it depends.”

Are you the type of player who prefers to “grip it and rip it” and belt drives as far as you can, never minding having to play most of your approach shots from clumps of heather? Then you will want the longest shaft allowed by the Rules of Golf – 48 inches. Simple physics tells us that the longer the club, irrespective of all other factors, the further you will able to hit the ball.

If you prefer to keep the ball in play, make more consistent contact and work your way around a golf course you will favor a shorter club for maximum control. But even when you catch a shorter driver on the screws it will not yield drives that will massage your ego.

Dating back to the days of hickory shafts the standard length for a driver was 43 1/2 inches. Technological advancements such as graphite and composite shafts resulted in lighter clubs that made it easier to control a longer weapon and so the standard length today has crawled out to 44 inches for steel and 45 for graphite-base shafts.

So the answer for most golfers is, “the perfect length for a golf shaft is one that offers the ideal combination of optimal distance without sacrificing control, probably between 44 and 46 inches.” That will vary with considerations for a player’s skill, tempo and clubhead speed through the ball.

The best way to start the search for the ideal length golf shaft is by experimenting. Hit shots with different shaft lengths until you unearth the perfect length for your goals. Look not only for results from the golf ball but how the shaft feels as it propels the clubhead along the swing path. Use impact tape to determine which shaft length enables you to more often find the sweet spot on the club face since perfect contact with a shorter driver will outdistance the mishits of a longer one.

During the process consult the Online Fitting Tool that Fujikura provides to learn more about what the proper length golf shaft means to your game. Strive for comfort and consistency which will build confidence. And nothing is more important than standing on the tee filled with the confidence that comes with a perfectly shafted driver.

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