If you have ever hung around a driving range on a Demonstration Day you will no doubt have seen players do self-testing on the shafts of the clubs for sale by the manufacturers. Some will shake the club ferociously back and forth to evaluate stiffness and others will lean on the club to inspect the bow in the shaft. Only then will they be convinced that they have found a properly fitted golf shaft.

Even in the days of black-and-white television and rotary phones that wasn’t going to tell you if your golf shaft is fitted properly. A better to evaluate a shaft’s appropriate stiffness and weight is by studying ball flight. Shots that fly too high can indicate a shaft too loose to deliver the clubhead back to the proper launch angle. Shots that fly to the right for right-handed players or to the left for left-handed golfers give evidence that a golf-shaft is ill-fitted for a player’s game. For many years ball flight was the gold standard for measuring a shaft’s performance.

Until the Enso Fitting System developed by Fujikura. With a series of monitors attached to the golf club and high-speed cameras Fujikura is able to bring cutting-edge technology to golf swing analytics like never before. Have you ever wondered how fast you are moving your hands through the golf swing? How quickly you are turning the club over at impact? What your release rate is? How much and in which direction the golf shaft is twisting during your swing? How much loft your shaft is adding to your clubhead during a swing?

The Enso Fitting System can capture all that data in the golf swing before the clubhead even returns to the ball to produce a ball flight. The data can even reveal if you shaft kick is going backwards removing impact at velocity rather than propelling the clubhead through the ball. Now Fujikura can even quantify the elusive “feel” of a golf club, all with the goal of discovering the best-fitting shaft to deliver the optimum ball flight for your game.

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