Frequency is measured by clamping the butt of the shaft using our proprietary Fujikura pneumatic frequency machine with a 200.7 gram weight chuck with a bore depth of 1.25 inches. The shaft is deflected and the number of times the shaft oscillates is your Cycles per Minute, this number correlates to the butt stiffness of the shaft and has absolutely nothing to do with the tip stiffness.
Maximize your distance and accuracy. A player that is properly fit with the correct shaft to his/her unique swing will see superior results.
Being properly diagnosed and then being prescribed the correct loft, shaft and club length to fit your unique swing.
Maximize your ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. Get fit by a professional club fitter with the correct head loft, shaft and club length to your unique swing.
Your handicap does not correlate to how you deliver the head of the club to the ball. Go to one of our Charter dealers in your area and get fit for your swing.
The Fujikura Speeder brand has been the #1 shaft brand consistently used by tour pros for more than a decade and has been attributed to pioneering the custom shaft industry as a whole. The new Motore Speeder 757 (and other three models available) is the newest evolution of the Speeder brand and is producing longer distances than any other shaft on the market currently.
It depends how flexible the shaft is although from our ENSO data we can show that the shaft can add as much as 3 degrees to the loft of a club.
No; Fujikura makes stiff shafts that launch low and high plus increase and decrease spin. Flex does not correlate to playing ability. Go to one of our Charter dealers and go get fit correctly.
Start with a lesson, get fit and let your fitter understand what you and your professional are working on and you will see the best results.
If you want to achieve optimum performance from your equipment go see one of our Charter Dealers who uses a launch monitor.
Not necessarily. You need to check your impact location (dry erase maker works well) and make sure you are fit at the correct length. Hitting the ball toward the heel and low on the face can lower your launch angle about 4 degrees and could slow your swing speed up to 6 miles per hour.
How a shaft bends when deflected can change in stiffness over the entire length of the shaft. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share and tweet it to your friends! In the meantime, if you want to learn how a custom custom fitted golf shaft can dramatically increase your distance and accuracy, click here.