There is a lot more going on between the clubhead and the grip than a hollow tube. Let’s look at some of the variables in golf club shaft selection.

Lightweight golf shafts: It just makes intuitive sense. The lighter a golf shaft is the faster you can swing a golf club. And the faster you can swing a golf club the further you can hit a golf ball. Advances in materials and technologies have enabled shafts to be manufactured today that are half as heavy as shafts just a generation ago. Using an ultra-thin carbon interweave with a proprietary finish paint Fujikura can build its custom Blur lightweight shafts to weigh as little as 47 grams.

But lighter does not guarantee better for all golfers. Some touring professionals still use drivers with shafts as heavy as 90 grams. They cite familiarity and the need to “feel” the weight of the club for consistency as explanations for continuing to brandish their hefty war clubs. For most players, however, selecting a lighter shaft will lead to a higher launch angle without sacrificing distance. Beginning players especially will benefit from light shafts which will help get the ball airborne and flying down the fairway. Ideally you want to find a shaft weight that promises the ideal combination of effortlessness and control to maximize ball speed.

Low torque golf shafts: Torque refers to the amount a shaft resists twisting during the golf swing. The less the club twists the better the chances are that it return squarely to the ball at impact. Fujikura’s High Inertia Tip technology can produce shafts with only 2.7 degrees of torque to deliver unmatched stability and confidence to the golfer. But as with all elements of a golf shaft the ideal amount of torque produced may be greater if it is precision matched to a golf swing to produce maximum results.

Flighted golf shafts: Flighted shafts feature a construction technique that trims the tips of every shaft in a set of golf clubs in such a way as to make the flex point higher in the short irons and lower in the long irons. This promotes a consistent ball flight through the bag that makes long irons easier to elevate and keeps short irons from ballooning too high and out of control. Flighted shafts are a good idea for most golfers.

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