Golf shafts all look pretty much alike sitting on a rack connecting grips to clubheads. But those hollow tubes are marvels of technology that when properly fitted can put an immediate 20 yards onto your golf shots and perk up your accuracy as well.

To choose the best golf shaft for your game you will need a launch monitor and analysis by a seasoned club-fitting professional. That is the only way to understand why the golf ball is doing what it is doing off your clubs. The launch monitor provides raw data from up to 20 data points in a golf swing.

Here are some of things you can learn from a launch monitor:

Ball Speed. Ball speed is mostly a product of swing speed and clean contact but it can also be effected by club face loft and attack angle.

Vertical Launch Angle. The dynamics of a clubhead and golf shaft should mesh to produce an ideal launch angle for distance.

Horizontal Launch Angle. Measurements reveal the accuracy of a shot compared to the target line.

Smash Factor. This is a calculation based on ball speed and clubhead speed to learn how the club is transferring its power to the ball.

Spin rate. A launch monitor can measure how fast a ball in flight is spinning in rotations per minute. Lower spin rates off the driver will maximize roll, higher spin rates will make approach shots stop faster on the green.

From this stew of data a club-fitter can conjure up the best golf shaft for your game with accurate fitting recommendations, including ideal shaft length and flex characteristics. To find a certified Fujikura Charter Dealer who can provide expert club-fitting counsel, click here.