When it comes to fitting your driver with a shaft graphite has all but pushed steel shafts out of the marketplace these days. Their light weight allows the use of large and powerful club heads that not only produce greater distances but improved accuracy. That is a tough one-two punch for steel shafts to duck. The composite materials used in formulating graphite shafts have advanced far beyond the materials used just a few years ago and can be expected to deliver even higher performance in the future.

The Fujikura Speeder has been the #1 shaft consistently used by PGA tour pros for more than a decade. Dozens of PGA winners have swung Speeder shafts since it made its tour debut in 1998. Fujikura shafts were the #1 shafts used at both the 2013 Masters and the British Open.

A Fujikura Charter Dealer exclusive and legend on Tour, the Speeder PRO line was designed from the beginning to provide greater feel and the ability to load the club the same every time within a golf swing. The enlarged handle diameter allows for an unmistakable, yet easy, natural grip. Mid- launch with mid-spin profiles are available in 66 and 76 gram categories in the Speeder PRO model.

New in 2016, the Speeder PRO XLR8 shares the advantages of High Density Composite Core, Taper Design and Multiaxial Reinforced Mid-Section with the Speeder PRO. While the Speeder PRO XLR8, gets new vibrancy, responsiveness and a boost of club head speed with our all-new XLR8 technology in 2016.

Fujikura pioneered the process of applying advanced technology to the process of personalized club fitting. Check out our online fitting tool to see what we mean. Additionally, we always encourage you visit one of our charter dealers to get same attention pros get when being for Fujikura shafts. You’ll receive the same analysis and attention the professionals receive when they are custom fitted for Fujikura driver shafts. If you can’t make it to the studio in person check out the fitting tools provided online.