Game Changing Partnership with GoodGood

Fujikura Golf – Game Changing Partnership with GoodGood

Discover the shaft technology powering the bags of golf’s biggest YouTuber group. From VENTUS and VeloCore+ to our AXIOM iron shafts, learn more about Fujikura’s game-changing shaft options used by the influencers.

Fujikura x GoodGood Collaboration
At Fujikura, we believe in the power of innovation and the importance of inspiring the next generation of golfers. Fujikura’s partnership with the GoodGood team goes far beyond shafts. Aiming to provide the latest information regarding shaft technology and custom fitting to a younger audience, helping them improve their game and fall in love with the sport. Through detailed explanations and hands-on demonstrations, the GoodGood team will help demystify the world of golf shafts, showing how unique factors like flex, weight, torque and other areas can influence shaft performance.

Image: via @goodgood Instagram. 

To make this partnership even more exciting, we will be offering exclusive content and giveaways in the near future. Followers of GoodGood will have the chance to win Fujikura shafts and other gear, providing them with the tools they need to take their game to the next level. Stay tuned for more exciting content, educational videos, feature products and exclusive giveaways as we embark on this exciting journey together.

The Importance of Shaft Fitting
At Fujikura, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to push the boundaries of golf technology and enhance the performance of players worldwide. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration and partnership with the talented team at GoodGood.

As leaders in golf shaft innovation, Fujikura has long been dedicated to designing and manufacturing shafts that deliver unparalleled performance, stability, and consistency for both aspiring amateurs and elite Tour pros the same. 

Trusted by the world’s best players, Fujikura shafts have also made their way into the bags of golf’s biggest and most popular YouTuber personalities as well. Working closely alongside the GoodGood team in our recent partnership and collaboration, Fujikura and GoodGood have joined forces to bring you exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes looks at how Fujikura shaft technology is shaping the future of golf.

Behind the Scenes: Shaft Fitting  with GoodGood
In the world of golf, every aspect of your equipment plays a crucial role in your performance on the course. While clubs often steal the spotlight, one component that’s often overlooked but equally vital is the shaft. During a range session with the entire GoodGood team, we took each of the GG crew through a unique shaft fitting with Tour Rep, Andrew Hoang, helping them dial in their performance better than ever.
Garrett Clark goes through a full 3-wood shaft fitting, fine tuning his club with subtle shaft changes to help him find the ideal numbers he has been looking for.

Renowned for clubhead speed and amazing ball speed numbers, Bubbie Golf gets to grips with his current set-up and sees how a Fujikura shaft upgrade can help him dial in his driver and 3-wood combination for more consistency and stability. 

WITB Specifications

Garrett Clark:
Driver: Paradym Ai-Smoke TD 10.5@12 (N/+1, 12GB, 6GF) w/ Fujikura Good Good Proto 7X (testing) and Fujikura Ventus Blue (Velo+) 6X (Tipped 1, 45 EOG, D3)
3-wood: Ai-Smoke Max HL 16.5@17.5 (N/+1) w/ Fujikura Ventus Blue (Velo+) 7X (43 EOG, Tipped 1.5, D3)
Utility: Apex UW 19@19 w/ Fujikura Ventus Blue 8X (Tipped 2, 41.75 EOG, D3)
Irons: (4-5) Apex CB (6-10) Apex MB w/ Fujikura Axiom 105X

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