What a great review from the folks at Plugged In Golf for the 2016 Speeder Evolution II 757!

According to Plugged In Golf:  

50 Words or Less

The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 2 757 is similar to the Speeder Evolution, but with more counterbalancing and a stiffer tip to accommodate the newest driver heads.  Tremendous smooth feel. 


As someone who writes about golf equipment, my bag changes more than most.  One thing has remained constant for the last couple years: my driver shaft.  When Fujikura relaunched the Speeder 757, it immediately went into the bag.  Last year, the Speeder Evolution 757 replaced it due to the upgraded feel.  Can the Speeder Evolution II 757 make it three straights years of Speeder dominance?

Don’t stop reading there! There’s more to read at PluggedInGolf.com about the feel, look, and performance of this new shaft!