Fujikura Golf launches into the New Year with pure dominance as their wood shafts were played by more PGA Professionals at the PGA Sony Tournament to take the #1 ranking.
Vista, Calif. – January 19, 2016 – Fujikura Golf, recognized for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts, proudly announces that its #1 wood shaft ranking continues into the New Year as 19.9% of the total PGA Sony field played a Fujikura Wood Shaft.
“To take the number #1 woods golf shaft ranking again means we are heading into another successful year for Fujikura Golf. We want to take this opportunity to thank the PGA Professionals who play our graphite golf shafts every week as they are a key component to the company’s success,” commented Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves.
According to the Darrell Survey, the golf equipment reporting agency, Fujikura Golf was at the top of the Wood Shaft Manufacturer Count with 87 Fujikura Wood Shafts in play. The company won the wood shaft count by 11 shafts over the nearest competitor. There was a mixture of Fujikura Wood Shafts used but the overall majority favorite was the legendary Speeder brand.
Fujikura Golf’s Speeder Series has been a worldwide favorite on many tours. Its legendary performance characteristics have been developed by enso®- Fujikura’s proprietary fitting and testing technology. This state of the art technology allowed Fujikura’s engineers to enhance the Speeder series with advanced materials in the key areas of the golf shaft that contribute most to the club head and ball flight performance.