Fujikura Golf’s success on the PGA Tour continues with a win at the Farmers Insurance Open but also as the #1 Driver played in the field. 

Vista, Calif. – February 8, 2016 – Fujikura Golf, recognized for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts, has captured its first event of the 2016 year at the Farmers Insurance Open on the Torrey Pines Golf Course, in La Jolla, California.
“Our Speeder Evolution helped the Champion pierce through the high level winds to keep his drives on track and our PRO Tour Wood Shaft in his #5 Wood helped him reach some impossible greens. The Fujikura team congratulates the Farmers Insurance Open Champion for his ability to endure some of the toughest conditions of the season and to come out a winner,” stated Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves.
Golf equipment reporting agency Darrell Survey confirmed that the winner of the Farmers Insurance Open played a Fujikura Speeder Evolution Driver Shaft, a golf shaft that has been a worldwide favorite on many tours. Its legendary performance characteristics have been developed by enso®- Fujikura’s proprietary fitting and testing technology. This state of the art technology allowed Fujikura’s engineers to enhance the Speeder series with advanced materials in the key areas of the golf shaft that contribute most to the club head and ball flight performance.
The agency also provided Fujikura data that proved a Fujikura PRO Tour Golf Shaft was played en-route to the Farmers Insurance Open victory. The PRO Tour Golf Shaft is designed with a custom bending profile which creates a stiffened mid and tip section with more forgiveness in the handle section. The 2016 PRO retains Core HIT technology for greater overall accuracy and stability throughout the entire swing. Building on CAGE, Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, and Phantium, the 2016 PRO series shafts also feature 40 TON Carbon Fiber.