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Ask Chad: Shaft Suggestions for 47-48″ Playing Length


I have a 47/48 inch Long Tom and swing about 88-90 mph. I hit the driver about 198 carry with a 20 yd roll. Can you suggest a shaft?



The longest I make a shaft is 46″. So the longest I can get you at a finished playing length is a little over 47″. With that in mind,  I would suggest you try a few different shafts. The Pro 51 XLR8 and the SIX XLR8. Both are extraordinary distance shafts and will add yards to your drive.


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Plugged In Golf: Fujikura SIX XLR8 Shaft Review

Thanks, Plugged In Golf for the awesome review of the all-new 2016 Fujikura SIX XLR8.

According to Plugged In Golf:

50 Words or Less

The Fujikura SIX XLR8 gives even more speed to players who can benefit from a lighter shaft but prefer a heavy, stout feel.


Over the last two seasons, Fujikura has built a great line up of shafts to fit a variety of swings and budgets. This year, rather than add a new model to the roster, they’ve supercharged the current models with the XLR8 line. As with the other XLR8 shafts, the Fujikura SIX XLR8 adds counter […]

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