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Exclusive to Fujikura, ENSO drives
innovation forward.

enso® is Fujikura’s proprietary motion capture technology system that provides an incredibly detailed  analysis of exactly how a shaft behaves during the golf swing. The result is a more thorough  understanding of how various shaft profiles perform across a wide array of player swing types. It serves  as an integral piece of our tireless effort to drive innovation forward and produce the world’s best  performing golf shafts.

From a design perspective, enso® analytics helps optimize a shaft structure for specific performance  goals. We know which design configurations can create change in performance, and with each shaft design we’re able to look at things holistically to determine the requirements that best unlock nextlevel performance for the golfer.

Analyzing Beyond the Moment of Impact

After years of being the global leader in the composite/graphite shaft market, enso® lets us raise the bar even higher.

enso® technology and analytics have led to the engineering and design of golf shafts that optimize performance and provide superior benefits for all player types. In the swing analysis, enso® considers a series of specific factors that occur in a very rapid and very brief window of time.

enso® provides us the unique ability to extract a shaft’s contribution to golf club performance prior to impact (face-to-path, backspin loft, club head speed, etc.) and the response and stability of the club head after impact.”


  • Club performance during a swing pre and post impact
  • Shaft deflection and twist during the swing
  • Club head placement upon impact of the ball
  • Club head performance based on shaft movement

Using 3D Motion Capture, Fujikura’s proprietary enso® system provides unparalleled insight into the connection between the golf shaft and golf swing.

enso® and Variable Torque

enso® analytics helps us better understand the potential performance benefits of shaft designs that utilize different twisting profiles and materials in specific locations along the shaft. We’re able to analyze precise performance factors like direction, spin, and club head acceleration, and see how unique design concepts can unlock drastic performance gains for all players.

Through our continuous testing and discovery process, enso® analytics revealed that the twisting profile of the shaft is an incredibly important factor to consider in a shaft’s design.

Although shaft torque has been a popular characterization of twisting stiffness, it lacks the ability to describe the twisting profile or “GJ”. Much like engineering a shaft for a specific EI profile, Variable Torque in shaft design allows for a specific GJ profile.

This technology significantly expands our design space and enables our engineers to target unique performance metrics and desired shot shapes like never before.




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