nr140310_01In early 2014 TORAYCA® developed and released T1100 G (see press release). An excerpt from Toray about T1100 G reads: “With the newly developed TORAYCA® T1100G, Toray succeeded in enabling both high strength and high modulus, which was thought to be technically difficult, by employing carbonization technology to precisely control fiber structure at the nano-level, and significantly improved the performance of the carbon fiber in comparison with Toray’s existing products such as TORAYCA® T1000G and T800S, which are widely used in high-end applications led by the aerospace field.” We partnered with TORAY early on to incorporate T1100G into a new golf shaft, which was the Speeder Evolution that launched in September 2014.

Fujikura was the first golf shaft manufacturer to incorporate T1100G into a product, a perfect example of how it is our commitment to push ourselves to innovate and improve our products. T1100G is combined (watch video) with other high-grade materials such as MCT, 90-Ton Carbon and an industry first TRIAX core (see below) to produce our most premium and high-performance shaft to date, the Speeder Evolution Collection.

Shafts to incorporate T1100G:


2014 Speeder Evolution:


2015 Speeder Evolution II:


2016 Platinum Speeder:

Speeder Platinum

2016 Speeder Evolution III: