(PHOTO: Ryan Young / PGA TOUR)

As the world’s #1 golfer continues to dominate in the 2017 season, everything from his wardrobe to his club specs are being examined and written about by golf media. All of these details are reviewed to illustrate how the combination of his equipment and talent combine to produce something we haven’t seen from a golfer in quite some time.

Jon Wall from PGATour.com discusses in his article “DJ and his Driver”

An excerpt from the article speaks specifically about the trusted driver shaft of choice for the world’s #1:

“As driver technology has improved, so has the way Johnson has set up the club. The only constant has been a Fujikura Speeder shaft that’s been in the driver going back to college. Initially, Johnson preferred the heavier feel of an 80-gram shaft, but during the 2009 season, Fujikura made a lighter 70-gram version — it was called the “Fujikura 2.0” — for TaylorMade that’s been his shaft of choice since.

“He’s tried other models periodically over the years but always come back to the 2.0 shaft,” Sbarbaro said. “There’s some familiarity there that he likes, not to mention it gives him the flight he wants off the tee.”

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At Fujikura, we’re extremely proud to hear this about our product and wish the #1 golfer continued success.