VeloCore technology is a multi-material bias core construction technique that delivers ultimate stability through transition and impact (maximizing clubhead MOI) – increasing velocity and smash factor. The multi-material core is crafted with full-length, ultra-high modulus Pitch 70 Ton Carbon Fiber — 150% stronger and more stable than T1100g — for ultimate stability, and 40 Ton bias layers ensure incredible feel.

VeloCore helps deliver ultimate stability through transition and impact throughout the bag.  VENTUS woods and AXIOM irons with VeloCore Technology promote consistent center-face impact and provide ultimate stability, tightening dispersion and increasing control. The result are shaft designs that maximize the MOI and ball speed of your clubhead through the reduction of twist during the swing and at impact, especially on off-center hits.


VeloCore+ is the next generation of Fujikura’s ground-breaking proprietary technology. Fujikura’s team of engineers have continued to innovate and developed an enhanced technology for the new 2024 VENTUS, VELOCORE+. Featuring a re-engineered multi-material bias core, VeloCore+ enhances the feel and performance of VENTUS with an additional premium bias core material, promoting even tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds.

The all-new VENTUS for 2024 features VeloCore+ Technology.

Find the center of the clubface MORE OFTEN.

VeloCore+ and VeloCore-powered products are extremely stable which help players find the center of the clubface more often, giving players maximum performance on every shot

Tighten your Dispersion – both Distance & Accuracy

VeloCore+ and VeloCore helps golfers at every swing speed and skill level improve their accuracy.  Your mishits will be minimized due to a reduction in twist of the clubface. Less energy lost equals more consistent results for both accuracy and distance. This translates to more accurate from the tee for more fairways, and closer proximity to the target on your approach shot, both accuracy and yardage.

Boost your MOI

When you miss the center, VeloCore+ and VeloCore Technology helps ensure a more stable clubhead through the shot. Acting as a stabilization mechanism through the swing and at impact, helping to preserve both ball speed and MOI on mishits.

What are golfers saying about VeloCore?

I would sum it up as, never hit the sweet spot so many times in my life…

Harry Nodwell, MYGOLFSPY.COM

 It has substantially reduced my left-right dispersion with the driver. It is so stable, but I can still feel the club loading, nothing like the HZRDUS black that I struggled with for a while. I need to save up to get it in my 3w as well…


Why do I need Velocore Technology?

VeloCore Technology delivers ultimate stability through transition and at impact, promoting more consistent center-faced strikes.  Improved center-face contact results in increased and more consistent ball speeds, tightened dispersion, and increased overall control and performance. With the integration of VeloCore into irons, golfers can now experience game-changing results on every shot through the bag.

What can I expect from using Ventus with Velocore

Forgiving, consistent, results-driven, game-changing performance. Every shaft designed with VeloCore Technology has been engineered to maximize player performance through maximized club head MOI, ball speed, and accuracy.

Do all Ventus shafts have Velocore Technology?

No, only shafts that have the VeloCore logo near the tip have VeloCore Technology. “Stock” shafts that come already equipped in a new club do not have VeloCore.

Shafts Featuring VeloCore+ Technology

2024 Ventus Wood Shafts
(for Drivers and Fairway woods)

Shafts Featuring VeloCore Technology

Ventus Wood Shafts
(for Drivers and Fairway woods)

Ventus TR Wood Shafts

(for Drivers and Fairway woods)

Ventus HB Shafts

(for Hybrids, Utility Clubs & Driving irons)

AXIOM Iron Shafts


Find a local dealer in your area to fit you with Fujikura’s VeloCore powered shafts and transform your game.