Shaft Performance Characteristics

Launched in September 2014, The first of the new “Evolution” Speeder series, this shaft is our most technology-packed product geared towards golfers looking for exceptional feel and performance. Use of Triax Core technology, three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft, provides maximum stability and prevention of ovalization. TORAYCA® T1100G is both high strength and high modulus for exceptional stability producing low torque but maintaining light weight. The Evolution I is the highest launching of the 3 Speeder Evolution shafts and is still actively in play on worldwide tours today.

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Speeder Evolution Technologies

  • TORAYCA® T1100G (watch video)
  • TRIAX core (watch video)
  • 50-Ton Carbon Fiber
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • H.I.T. Technology, high inertia tip
  • Phantium Finish

TORAYCA® T1100G (Source)

“With the newly developed TORAYCA® T1100G, Toray succeeded in enabling both high strength and high modulus, which was thought to be technically difficult, by employing carbonization technology to precisely control fiber structure at the nano-level, and significantly improved the performance of the carbon fiber in comparison with Toray’s existing products such as TORAYCA® T1000G and T800S, which are widely used in high-end applications led by the aerospace field.

Using innovative nanotechnology, Toray also developed matrix resin technology that improves both tensile strength and impact resistance in prepreg. Toray intends to achieve the utmost performance required in respective fields including aerospace structures and high-end sporting goods by combining this technology with TORAYCA® T1100G.”

2014 Speeder Evolution Technical Specs

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
757 TourS467895732.62.5.620HLL
757 TourX467890682.62.5.620HLL
661 TourS4668105803.52.5.605MM/LM
661 TourX4668100753.52.5.605MM/LM