Get fit for Fujikura at Club Champion


  • Schedule your custom golf club fitting and bring your set to Club Champion.
  • You’ll set a baseline with your existing set and their Master Fitters will work to outperform those clubs with custom solutions.
  • Buy as many or as few of the suggested clubs found by your fitter during the data-driven session.

  • They will hand-build your clubs to unmatched tolerances.

The #1 Fitter in the Nation

About Club Champion:

Club Champion is your #1 destination for golf club fitting for any level of golfer. They deliver a Tour-level custom club fitting that produces longer, more accurate shots. Their approach is unbiased. The only goal is to find the best combination of golf club components to lower your scores. Everything from clubhead, shaft, length, grip, loft, lie, swingweight and more is addressed using state-of-the-art club fitting technology and analyzed by Club Champion’s master fitters and builders. With 50,000+ hittable head and shaft combinations, your best golf is waiting for you at Club Champion.

Schedule a Fitting

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Custom club fitting is a process that matches a set of golf clubs to your unique swing metrics. Those swing metrics include things like shaft length, loft and lie, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, swingweight and more. Your height, grip, angle of attack and other elements are also considered when fitting a set from top-to-bottom, and a true club fitter is trained to take all of those factors into consideration when finding and recommending the perfect fit.

Am I good enough to get fit?

Club Champion fits every level golfer ranging from beginners to Tour professionals. They have found that the higher your handicap, the more measurable improvement you will see on the course.

Is there any type of guarantee?

Club Champion stands behind the performance of every club we build. Their Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that the results you see on the golf course match those seen in the fitting bay. If you’re having issues with your custom clubs, contact your fitter within 90 days to set up a free appointment to fix or replace your clubs.

The all new 2024 Ventus

VENTUS shafts from Fujikura are the #1 on Tour and hottest selling shafts on the market. VENTUS is just one of the many shaft fitting options from Fujikura offered by Club Champion. VENTUS features groundbreaking VeloCore Technology that delivers consistent impact and forgiveness on mishits. The new VENTUS TR offers even more stability in three new and unique profiles.. VENTUS is the straightest and most forgiving graphite wood and hybrid shaft on the market. More and more pros and amateurs are putting VENTUS in their bags each week…and you should too with the help of a Club Champion fitter! The #1 club fitter in the nation, Club Champion, is a great option to get fit for Fujikura shafts. Check them out and find a location near you for more info and schedule your fitting today.

New for 2023AXIOM iron shafts powered by Velocore, the same technology in VENTUS wood shafts that has made them #1 worldwide for two straight years. VeloCore Technology is precisely configured in AXIOM to provide golfers extreme consistency, stability, and workability on all shots, giving them the confidence to play their best golf. Schedule your fitting with Club Champion for AXIOM iron shafts and experience the difference when putting VeloCore Technology in your irons. You will never settle for stock steel shafts again!.