New for 2021, the Sakura line returns for golfers looking for a lightweight design that provides a smooth feel. Sakura was created for golfers that need more carry distance through increased launch and spin characteristics through its softened mid and tip sections. The all-new Sakura line can be custom fit throughout the bag with the Sakura 40 wood shafts and the one-length blank, Sakura 40 hybrid/iron shaft.

$125 MSRP

Premium Materials & Technology

Lightweight, soft profile
High launch for more carry distance

Technical Specs

Model Flex Length Weight Tip Flex Butt Flex Torque Par. Tip Length Butt Diam. Bend Point Spin Launch
Sakura Wood 40 45 47.5 152 142 8.4 2.95 0.595 L M/H H

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