MCI Wedge offers the performance and feel similar to MCI irons in two weights (105, 120) and two different spin options (Solid, Mild).  The Solid model provides higher spin for golfers needing more approach and greenside spin.  The Mild model provides less spin than the Solid model while both models were designed to improve spin.

In the new MCI (Metal Composite Irons), Metal Composite Technology was developed to combine the best attributes of steel and graphite into one revolutionary composite shaft.

Premium Materials & Technology

Technical Specs

Model Flex Length Weight Tip Flex Butt Flex Torque Par. Tip Length Butt Diameter Bend Point Spin Launch
MCI WEDGE 105 SOLID 35.5 108 40 44 2.4 Tapered .600 M/H M/H M/H
MILD 35.5 108 36 45 2.3 Tapered .600 H L/M M
MCI WEDGE 125 SOLID 35.5 124 37 39 2.2 Tapered .605 M/H M/H M/H
MILD 35.5 125 34 41 2.1 Tapered .605 H L/M M

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