Driver Domination in Detroit for Fujikura


Carlsbad, California (July 1, 2024) Fujikura, the leader in performance golf shafts, was honored to be the #1 driver and wood shaft at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Trusted by some of the best in the field, it was another #1 driver, wood and hybrid spot and driver shaft victory on the PGA Tour for Fujikura.

At the Detroit Golf Club, Fujikura dominated the field with another #1 driver and wood shaft combination. In total, 40.9% of the field used a Fujikura driver shaft during the week, with another 36.8% in the wood shaft count and 36.8% in the hybrid shaft count.

These statistics included the eventual winner in Detroit, whose second PGA Tour win came with VENTUS in the bag. The eventual winner trusted in the VENTUS TR Blue 7-X in his driver and VENTUS TR Blue 8-X in his fairway wood. This was the 15th win of the season for Fujikura and raises the overall driver win percentage to 51.7% for the season so far.

Over on the Champions Tour at the U.S. Senior Open, Fujikura was also the most popular driver, wood and hybrid shaft in the field. In total, 41.7% of players at Newport Country Club used a Fujikura driver shaft, with another 35.2% in the wood shaft count and 17.3% in the hybrid shaft count.

While over at the European Amateur Championship, it was another victory for Fujikura shafts. The eventual winner in Denmark used the VENTUS TR 6-X in his driver, VENTUS Blue 8-X in his 3-wood and VENTUS Blue HB 9-X in his 3-iron, earning him an exemption for the Open later this month.

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