Fujikura Introduces 2024 VENTUS Red and Black

Expanding the VeloCore+ collection, Fujikura, the leader in performance golf shafts introduces the 2024 VENTUS Red and VENTUS Black. Building on the success of the recently launched 2024 VENTUS Blue, these two new additions to the acclaimed VENTUS series are engineered with the groundbreaking VeloCore+ Technology, marking a new era of performance for golfers of all skill levels and abilities.

Tour Validation for VENTUS
Since 2018, the VENTUS shaft line-up has garnered attention and usage on professional Tours around the world, with many high-profile players trusting in VENTUS for Major victories and consistent success on Tour.

Recognised as the #1 Driver and Wood shaft on the PGA Tour for multiple seasons, the validation for VENTUS’ success on Tour has been largely down to the introduction of the ground-breaking VeloCore technology. Engineered for improved stability and consistency, VeloCore technology is a multi-material construction technique optimizes energy transfer during the swing, resulting in increased ball speed and tighter dispersion. VeloCore Technology ensures that the shaft remains stable through impact, reducing twisting and enhancing control.

Utilised in other Fujikura products like VENTUS TR and AXIOM, VeloCore technology has been at the core of VENTUS’ outstanding success for golfers of all levels and abilities.

“VENTUS launched on global Tours in 2018 and has been the absolute standard in wood shaft performance ever since,” says Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura Product and Brand Manager. “With the 2024 VENTUS series, we set out to improve the original model by incorporating the new material and technology advancements that we’ve pioneered over the last 6 years.”

Advanced Engineering and Innovation
Fujikura has leveraged advanced composite materials in the 2024 VENTUS series to achieve further superior performance characteristics.

Through detailed research and development, Fujikura has created their next generation of ground-breaking shaft technology, VeloCore+. Featuring re-engineered multi-material bias core, VELOCORE+ enhances the feel and performance of VENTUS with an additional premium bias core material, promoting even tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds.

Building upon the foundational elements that led to the success of VeloCore technology, VeloCore+ further optimizes the energy transfer during the swing, resulting in increased ball speeds and better overall distance performance. The enhancements also ensure that the energy transfer is more consistent, reducing energy loss.

The main difference between VeloCore and VeloCore+ technology is the original combination of Pitch 70 and 40-Ton materials, but also incorporates a new third material to increase speed, feel and overall performance.

The VeloCore+ Collection

The 2024 VENTUS Red and Black shafts feature several technological advancements designed to offer an improved profile option for golfers of all abilities and skill levels. These new VeloCore+ models incorporate Fujikura’s latest innovations to enhance stability, speed, and accuracy.

“The launch of 2024 VENTUS Red and VENTUS Black represents another significant milestone for Fujikura,” says Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura Product and Brand Manager. “Joining the already successful VeloCore+ family of products, the incorporation of Red and Black into the 2024 VENTUS line-up provides even more versatility for our Charter Dealers and fitters wanting to offer incremental gains and unique performance benefits to multiple player types.”

2024 VENTUS Red: Precision and Launch
2024 VENTUS Red is designed for golfers seeking a mid-high launch and mid spin profile. Ideal for players who desire a higher ball flight with ultimate stability, the 2024 VENTUS Red incorporates Fujikura’s cutting-edge VeloCore+ Technology, offering a further evolution of performance and design. The premium bias core material construction promotes greater energy transfer, resulting in enhanced ball speeds and distance, while still maintaining the accuracy and control golfers expect from a VENTUS product.

2024 VENTUS Black: Power and Control
For golfers with faster swing speeds looking for a low launch and low spin profile, the 2024 VENTUS Black is the ultimate consistency upgrade. This shaft offers golfers unparalleled stability and control, helping players achieve a more penetrating ball flight with increased ball speeds. 2024 VENTUS Black also incorporates innovative VeloCore+ Technology, ensuring exceptional performance benefits in stability and consistency, similar to the game-changing characteristics proven with original VeloCore Technology.

2024 VENTUS Blue: Stability and Feel
Launched earlier in the year, 2024 VENTUS Blue is a mid-launch/low spin wood shaft that has been re-engineered with updated materials and technology for improved feel, consistency, and speed for all golfers. From Tour players to amateur golfers, player feedback has shown that VeloCore+ Technology has provided immediate improvements for players seeking gains in areas like ball speed and dispersion.

For over 25 years, Fujikura Composites America has been at the forefront of design and development, on a mission to produce the world’s best performance golf shafts. Fujikura strives to deliver enjoyment to golfers by crafting the most desirable products and offering the highest levels of service and support.

Using proprietary technology through design and construction, Fujikura shafts set an industry benchmark and are the go-to choice for many of the world’s leading players across all professional tours.

All 2024 VENTUS shafts will be available at retail from July 1, 2024 through authorized Fujikura Charter Dealers and select OEM custom programs. With an MSRP of $350.00, 2024 VENTUS is available in a wide variety of weights and flexes, ranging from 52 grams to 94 grams and from R2 up to X-flex.

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