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Your Graphite Advantage

Fujikura’s graphite iron shafts have been designed to provide all golfers – from Tour players to aspirational golfers – performance and feel that isometric steel iron shafts simply can’t create. Graphite is up to five times stronger and two times stiffer than steel at the same weight, allowing Fujikura to create ultra-stable iron shafts at any weight with tremendous feedback and feel. Fujikura’s iron shafts are packed with technology, like VeloCore, and premium materials to deliver the ultimate in consistency and feel with weights and flexes for every level of golfer. With technologies like HDCC (High Density Composite Core) and MCT (Metal Composite Technology), achieving proper swingweights are never a concern, making it even easier to replace your steel shafts. Add more performance and stability to your game with Fujikura graphite iron shafts.


The flagship VeloCore Technology that made VENTUS a worldwide success is now available in an innovative new composite iron shaft – AXIOM.

PRO Iron

Used by Tour players worldwide, PRO Irons feature the industry-leading proprietary High-Density Composite Core (HDCC) which produces dialed-in swing weights at steel length.

Vista Pro Iron

Vista PRO Irons are for the golfer looking to keep the ball in the air longer with more launch and spin.

MCI Iron

MCI (Metal Composite Irons), Metal Composite Technology was developed to combine the best attributes of steel and graphite into one revolutionary composite shaft.

MCI Wedge

MCI Wedge shafts increases hitting ability, even weight distribution, and creates a perfect flow of frequency and torque within your swing.

MC Putter

With more than 100 years in rubber compounding and processing, Fujikura has fused our top material technologies into one high-performance putter shaft.


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