Which shaft is right for me?

Because graphite shafts are offered in such a range of weights, profiles, and flexes, the best recommendation is always to be fit by one of our Charter Dealers or a trusted club fitter. Club fittings are essential to dialing in the correct equipment for your game and can often open your eyes and guide you to options you may not have previously considered.

When doing research on shafts you might be interested in, focus on options with performance characteristics that seem in line with what’s needed for your game. For example: are you a player that spins the ball too much and seeking a lower trajectory, or is the opposite true? Do you prefer shafts that provide minimal flex and feel, or do you prefer something more tempo oriented that provides more feedback during the swing?

These are questions that can help guide you toward or away from certain options, but remember, when shafts are characterized by launch and spin characteristics and bend profile, that doesn’t necessarily hold true for every individual golfer. This is why it’s so important to spend time with a qualified club fitter.