Who should use graphite shafts?

In the early stages, graphite shafts were designed and engineered to be a lighter weight alternative to steel shaft options, especially in the wood category. Graphite shafts were additionally offered in iron configurations, also in a lightweight package, contributing to graphite’s reputation as a product more suited for players seeking light weight, softer flex options for their clubs.

The truth is, the extreme advancements in graphite composite materials, designs, and technology have paved the way for designs and products that can appeal to all player levels and skill types. Just like we offer light weight models, we also offer mid-weight and heavy weight options in an array of flexes. The majority of our shaft catalog is offered from R2 (our softest flex) through X or TX (our stiffest flexes) in weights ranging from 40grams to 90grams. We even offer iron shafts in weights over 100grams, mimicking the weight of traditional steel iron shafts.

With the number of variations offered, graphite is an excellent option for any player. The ability to dial-in specific performance characteristics from weight, flex, torque, and bend profiles is second to none. Graphite offers the ability to unlock untapped performance in any golfer’s game.