Why should I play graphite iron shafts?

Early graphite iron shafts followed suit with their graphite wood predecessors by offering a lighter and softer alternative to steel. However, as time and technology have progressed, graphite iron shafts are no longer relegated to a particular player type. Now being offered in weight ranges from 40grams to over 100grams and flexes from R2 to Tour X-Stiff, there are graphite iron shaft options for any type of player.

Graphite is certainly able to hold up to the same level of aggressive swings as steel. Think of it this way, players with some of the highest ball speeds and swing speeds in the world utilize graphite shafts in their woods. There’s no reason that can’t translate into irons as well. In fact, one of the biggest benefits to graphite iron shafts is the integration of key technologies featured in wood shafts. Through integrated technologies and materials, graphite enhances a player’s consistency from shot-to-shot. Consistency in ball speed, spin rates, and launch windows is essential to optimizing scoring and iron performance. Even on mis-hit shots, graphite can allow for more expected and well-rounded results.

The combination of feel, stability, performance, and technology is what truly sets graphite apart from steel.