VeloCore vs VeloCore+

Understanding the Differences in Fujikura’s Game-Changing Shaft Technologies. 

Fujikura’s Foundation – The story behind VeloCore Technology
From its conception and first appearance on Tour in 2018, VeloCore Technology has dominated the professional scene in the VENTUS product line-up, including multiple Major wins and consistent Tour adoption. Fujikura’s mission to continually improve and innovate has led them to VeloCore+, an innovative new design that takes shaft technology to an even higher level.

Introducing the VENTUS line over 5-years ago, Fujikura unveiled the first taste of VeloCore Technology to the golfing world, where it immediately began to make waves across professional Tours. Gaining popularity for their clear performance characteristics, VENTUS and VeloCore Technology became a core feature associated with everything good about Fujikura. 

The performance benefits associated with VeloCore Technology provided notable improvements in key areas for the majority of golfers: 

  • Stability: VeloCore Technology significantly reduces shaft twist and deformation, providing unparalleled stability throughout the entire swing.
  • Consistency: Golfers experience more consistent ball flight and improved accuracy, thanks to the minimized shaft deflection.
  • Distance: Enhanced energy transfer resulted in increased ball speeds and longer distances.

Featured in the majority of bags of players throughout the most recent PGA Tour seasons, VENTUS and VeloCore Technology have cemented a legacy of performance associated uniquely with Fujikura. Success stories from the professional golf world have shown the golfing community how VeloCore Technology can make a tangible difference in performance, even at the highest levels of the game. VeloCore Technology has now made its way into other product lines, including AXIOM iron shafts.

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Advancing VeloCore: The Evolution to VeloCore+
Building on the success of original VeloCore, Fujikura continued to innovate, leading to the development of VeloCore+ Technology. With foundational elements originating from its predecessor, VeloCore+ focuses on enhancing core performance benefits with new material integrations and applications. 

VeloCore+ Technology is designed for ultimate clubhead stabilization and promotes consistent center-face contact, tightening dispersion and increasing control of the club throughout the swing. Featuring a re-engineered multi-material bias core, VeloCore+ enhances the feel and performance of VENTUS products with an additional premium bias core material, promoting even tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds.

VeloCore+ Technology represents the pinnacle of golf shaft innovation, offering all levels of golfers unmatched stability, consistency, and performance. By leveraging advanced materials and refined construction techniques, VeloCore+ is helping golfers achieve new heights in their game. As Fujikura continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, we look forward to seeing even more success stories on Tour, driven by the power of VeloCore+ Technology.

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VeloCore vs. VeloCore+
Fujikura has always focused on the importance of custom fitting and having ultimate trust and confidence in your equipment. With each new product, Fujikura strives to innovate and advance shaft materials and technologies to help golfers at every level experience peak shaft performance.

VeloCore – is a multi-material bias core construction technique that delivers ultimate stability through transition and impact (maximizing clubhead MOI) – increasing velocity and smash factor. The multi-material core is crafted with full-length, ultra-high modulus Pitch 70 Ton carbon fiber for extreme stability, and 40 Ton bias layers to ensure balance and feel.

VeloCore+ – the next generation of Fujikura’s ground-breaking proprietary technology featuring a reengineered multi-material bias core that enhances the key elements and materials found in original VeloCore, and incorporates an all new third material to provide tighter dispersion, faster ball speeds, and increased feel in an exceptionally stable platform.

Both VeloCore and VeloCore+ represent significant advancements in golf shaft technology, each designed to provide golfers with superior performance and consistency. By understanding the differences between these two technologies, you can make an informed decision about which shaft best suits your game. Whether you choose VeloCore or VeloCore+, you can trust that Fujikura’s commitment to innovation and quality will help you achieve your best performance on the course.

Explore our full range of shafts and learn more about VeloCore and VeloCore+ technology by visiting our website or contacting your local charter dealer/fitter. Your journey to better golf starts with the right equipment, and Fujikura is here to help you every step of the way.


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