I was just wondering which shaft Fujikura offers that would best fit my swing. I have currently been seeking a place to try different exotic shafts by different vendors but I have not found any as of late. All places I have been have standard stock shafts.
I did hit the Taylormade sldr with the Fujikura Motore Speeder TP stiff 6.3 Really enjoyed this shaft when hitting on a launch monitor. The question I have for this shaft is when I looked on your site and Taylormade site both had different specs for the same shaft. Just wondering which one would be correct.

I currently game a 10.5 Ping G25. Love the head. The shaft though could use some upgrading. I have a SS of 108 a mid ball flight, smooth transition. I think and average carry of about 260 with a little fade would like to try and keep the small fade to slight draw. I am not a big player that tries to shape the ball try to play it pretty straight to slight fade. I have a good natural tempo to my swing and don’t try to over power it. Just wondering what would be some recommendations you might have and possible testing facility with more exotic shafts to demo. I live in Daphne Alabama-any advice would be greatly appreciated.




To answer your first question, the Motore Speeder we supply Taylormade for their TP drivers the identical structure we sell in the aftermarket with the one exception being cosmetics. They like to use their own cosmetics to give a seamless flow in their product line. I am not sure what specs are different but it could simply be how they measure their specs as opposed to how we measure ours. Unfortunately there is no industry standard in measuring specs so everyone in the shaft side of the industry gets different numbers.

I wish we had more dealers in your neck of the woods. I looked on our website and through our data bases and I didn¹t find too many dealers that would have a wide variety of our product to demo. I would recommend keeping an eye out for demo days in your area. A lot of the companies that we do business with have upgraded options you can try when they come to town.

A few recommendations to think about would be the Speeder 661. This shaft sounds perfect for you and your swing. It is a mid-ball flight low spin shaft and is easy to turn over. It supplies great feel and provides strong load for average loading swings. The other potential shaft for you would be the new Pro 63. This is also a mid-launching mid to low spin shaft that is great for distance as well as control. They use different materials and technology so they will have different feel from one another but they are both worth the try if you can get your hands on them.

Thanks for the email and for your interest in our shafts.


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