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Club Champion Fittings with Fujikura Show Tremendous Results

The Full Fujikura Fitting Experience in partnership with Club Champion & PluggedIn Golf

Vista, Calif. (June 27, 2017) – Through our partners PluggedinGolf.com, Five lucky golfers had the amazing opportunity to experience an expert fitting from Club Champion, a 2017 Top 100 Club Fitter as rated by Golf Digest.  These golfers came in to their fittings with a variety of swings and gamer shafts, but all would leave with a Fujikura shaft that improved their drives. The results were all very positive for these five guys, some gaining as many as 45 yards being properly fit […]

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WATCH: Michael Breed on Importance of Fitting

Club Champion (clubchampiongolf.com) shared this video of Michael Breed on the importance of golf club fitting and the adjustable fitting features found in 917 Titleist woods.

Our Speeder PRO Tour Spec shaft is an option with the new Titleist 917 Driver. check out the product page here for full specs and be sure to consider this option during your Titleist fitting.

FJK_W-2017_Speeder Pro Tour Spec 74 S_Front




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The Story Behind the World #1’s Speeder Evolution 2.0 TS

(PHOTO: Ryan Young / PGA TOUR)

As the world’s #1 golfer continues to dominate in the 2017 season, everything from his wardrobe to his club specs are being examined and written about by golf media. All of these details are reviewed to illustrate how the combination of his equipment and talent combine to produce something we haven’t seen from a golfer in quite some time.

Jon Wall from PGATour.com discusses in his article “DJ and his Driver”

An excerpt from the article speaks specifically about the trusted driver shaft of choice for the world’s #1:

“As driver technology has improved, so has […]

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Players switching to ATMOS Tour Spec – PGATour.com

Are we excited about ATMOS Tour Spec’s momentum on Tour after only two weeks? The answer is obviously yes. We’re pleased to hear from our Tour team that guys have been trying the shafts over the past couple of weeks and are starting to see the performance difference and dialing in their launch and spin with the 3 launch options (red, blue, black). These guys are still testing new drivers and fairway woods and working hard with new shaft combinations to optimize their numbers. Over the coming weeks we expect more guys to switch into ATMOS Tour Spec […]

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GolfWRX.com and Fujikura Announce ATMOS Tour Spec

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new tour series of shafts in partnership with Golfwrx.com.

Fujikura’s ATMOS Tour Spec debuted on tour this week at the Career Builder Challenge at TPC Stadium, PGA West.

The new Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec is the culmination of our learning from over two decades of tour-driven products. Development of ATMOS Tour Spec has been an ongoing process in which player feedback and fitting needs were at the forefront. Recognizing that both tour professionals need to keep the ball flighted down with low spin and that there are a variety of swings […]

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PGATour.com Equipment Report: ATMOS Tour Spec

PGATour.com Equipment Report editor Jonathan Wall covered the new ATMOS Tour Spec debuting on the PGA Tour at the Career Builder Challenge.

Excerpt below:

“The Sony Open in Hawaii marked the official TOUR debut and testing phase for Fujikura’s new Atmos Tour Spec shaft.

Recognizing that not every pro has the same swing and club head combination, Fujikura developed and designed a new collection for Tour to optimize performance with the metalwoods.

Each Atmos Tour Spec shaft features Fujikura’s “Tour Spec White” base color, and the same handle flex that gives all three models a similar feel. Where the shafts differ […]

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Fujikura Trusted by Top 2 in 2015/2016 Avg. Driving Distance (Golfweek.com)

Golfweek.com recently posted an article (Source: LINK) that listed the top 25 PGA Tour players in average driving distance from the 2015-2016 season.

Fujikura is trusted and equipped by the top 2 averaging 314.5 and 313.6 respectively. The #1 driver games a Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 83X shaft and the #2 driver trusts his Fujikura Speeder Evolution 2.0 Tour Spec 661X shaft.

These players will sure to be back atop this list once again in the 2016-2017 season. Best of luck to them this coming season.

(article source:

Speeder Evo III 757 Review by Plugged In Golf

50 Words or Less

The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 3 757 is the mid-launch shaft in the Speeder Evolution line up.  Incredible feel.  Huge ball speed.


Two years ago, Fujikura released the Speeder Evolution.  The feel was unlike anything else, and it went right into my bag.  Last year, the Speeder Evolution 2 maintained the great feel with lower launch and spin, and it went into my bag.  Now the Speeder Evolution 3 757 is here, and I can’t wait to see if it will continue Fujikura’s run of success in my driver.

Click Here […]

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iGolfReviews’ Latest Review Contrasts the Fujikura Speeder, PRO, and Speeder PRO

iGolfReviews takes a look at three of our shafts-the Speeder Evolution, PRO, and Speeder PRO. The three shafts are judged by three main criteria-looks, feel, and performance-complete with launch monitor data and commentary.

Read the full article here to get the low down, but a few notables from iGolfReviews:

Quick Hits

  • Premium shaft choices at affordable prices
  • Played by the best in the world for a reason
  • A shaft to fit every player

Not just any shaft will do when it comes to performing your best, but worry not Fujikura has one that will fit your game. They […]

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Fujikura Speeder Pro XLR8 Shaft Review by Plugged In Golf

“Speeder PRO XLR8 has been a blockbuster.”

“…this shaft helped me to hit some of the longest drives I’ve ever seen.”

Thanks to Plugged In Golf for the review of our 2016 Speeder Pro XLR8 shaft. Their review covers all the bases-looks, feel, data, and more. Here’s a sneak peak:

50 Words or Less

The Fujikura Speeder Pro XLR8 shaft has the premium feel of the Speeder Pro with even more speed. The most lively feel of any Fujikura shaft in memory.


“Sold out” and “backordered” are phrases that golf gear heads are pretty familiar with. We expect to hear them when […]

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