NAME – Bo Hodnett

HOMETOWN – Big Spring Texas

PLAYING EXPERIENCE – I played since I was 5 years old. I played junior golf, high school (State Championship), and 1 year of college golf.

CAREER – I have been working in the golf business since 1992. I have owned Golf Tech since 1999.

YEARS OF FITTING EXPERIENCE – I started fitting at Hank Haney Golf Ranch in 1994. 23 years (now I feel old).

FIT PHILOSOPHY – Do not look at age, gender, or handicap. Fit by the numbers! Smash factor trumps ball speed! Fit to lower handicap (sometimes that means giving up a few yards). The shaft is the engine (I would rather put a new shaft in an older head than spend $400+ on a new head with an improper shaft). Any change needs to be an improvement. I ALWAYS compare the clients gamer with what I am recommending.

HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR FITTING – I find it important to focus on a particular part of the bag. I can spend 1 hour with a client and 40 minutes is hitting balls (getting data) and 20 minutes is discussing options. I find that with more studio time than that, the customer gets fatigued and the data gets tainted. I would rather do 2 separate fittings to get irons and woods.

BIGGEST FITTING DEVELOPMENT THIS YEAR – I am just switching to the Club Conex system this year. It is going to be easier to retrofit a client with an existing head.

FITTING CHALLENGES – Explaining numbers! Not every golfer is capable of getting their driver spin rate to 2,200 RPM. If I start with 4,300 RPM and a mid-kick shaft, I am doing good to get them to 3,500 RPM. I will talk more about the direction of launch and spin we need to go, than pick a set of numbers to hit. Another challenge is the retail heads are now so good, yards gained are hard to come by.

FAMOUS FITS – Lots in 24 years. Pudge Rodriquez, Hunter Mahan, Brett Hull, Mike Madono, Kidd Kraddick, Zig Ziggler, Derek Harper, Luke Wilson, Tommy Armour III, DD Lewis, Brittany Lang, Gerina Piller.