Golf clubs can last a long time and carry you through many a round in your golfing life. But sometimes it may be necessary to replace a shaft, just as grips need changing from time to time. Well-built, quality-carbon composite golf shafts from Fujikura do not wear out and retain their integrity for the life of the shaft but that does not mean there are not times to consider changing your golf shafts. Here’s when to consider replacing your golf shaft, even if it is not broken:

Your Game Is Changing

Your shafts are fine but all those lessons and practice have paid off and your handicap has fallen into single digits. You can handle a lot more club than when you purchased your set back when. It is now time to upgrade to high performance, custom-fitted shafts and shave even more strokes off your score.

Your Game Is Changing – Part Two

There is nothing wrong with your golf shafts but let’s just say your golf game is not aging with you as well as your equipment. Whereas you played stiff shafts your whole life your decreased swing speed as a senior golfer may be the signal that it is time to turn to more flexible shafts. Shafts properly matched to diminished physical abilities will restore that lost distance off the tee.

Your Game Is Not Changing

You’ve put in the the time on the range. You’ve followed all your notes from that expensive golf school. And still you are shooting the same scores. Maybe you never had the right clubs in the first place. Before you give up the game and put your clubs up for sale on eBay try replacing your shafts to some that are custom-fitted to your unique swing. Fujikura will show you how just that simple step can add 20 yards to your shots. Click here and start today.