Fujikura was credited with its 19th professional tour win. This victory included a Fujikura S.I.X. Driver Golf Shaft and a Speeder Brand Series Wood Shaft. In addition, the company enjoyed a #1 Driver Golf Shaft ranking at the LPGA Lotte Championship.
Vista, Calif. – April 18, 2016 – Fujikura Golf, known for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts, proudly announces that the company has been associated with another victory. This win came at the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
“As we have said before, ‘Winning is the ultimate goal on all of the professional tours. It is the aspiration of every professional and Fujikura takes this seriously. To win is an enormous accomplishment and the Fujikura team celebrates every one of them,’ including this win at the RBC Heritage Championship,” said Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves.
Each week the Fujikura Golf Tour Team is out on tour working with the golf professionals. They custom fit each professional to ensure they perform at the highest level possible, something amateur golfers should consider. Once the professionals start the event, the Fujikura Golf Tour Team returns home and their work is reported on the Darrell Survey, the leading golf equipment reporting agency. This week the report confirmed that the RBC Heritage Champion played a S.I.X. Tour Spec (TS) shaft in his Callaway driver and a Speeder 757 Evolution Shaft in his Callaway 3-wood.
S.I.X. Golf Shafts are engineered with thinner walls to have the same feel, stability and control of a heavier shaft which benefits the golfer who is looking to aggressively drive the ball. It weighs less than 60-grams and can achieve a mid-launch with mid-spin.
“Our S.I.X. Golf Shafts are popular amongst golf professionals and amateurs but it is the Speeder Golf Brand Series that keep our #1 rankings up,” added Hartgraves.
Also, confirmed by the Darrell Survey, Fujikura Golf had 40 Driver Golf Shafts in play at the LPGA Lotte Championship which is 27.8% of the total field. There was a variety of Fujikura Golf Shafts in play but the majority was from the Speeder Brand Series.
The Speeder Shaft Series with its unrivaled performance characteristics has been developed by enso®- Fujikura’s proprietary fitting and testing technology. This state of the art technology allowed Fujikura’s engineers to enhance the Speeder series with advanced materials in the key areas of the golf shaft that contribute most to the club head and ball flight performance.